Ever after the dawn of human on this planet we used to look up at the birds and sought-after their ability to soar through the air with seemingly effortless grace. In this regard, it is must to mention that being one of the most determined creatures on this planet; humans have invented a number of ways to cherish the dream of free flying into the blues.

One of the best ways to soar high is through powered paragliding. In this post, the readers will be able to check different aspects of the most amazing and astounding aerial sports – Powered paragliding.

Differentiating between Paragliding and Parasailing

It is quite often that people get confused in between paragliding and parasailing. Although both of them enables the driver to fly freely in the sky, but there are some variations in terms of operating both the events. Check out the below section to know the difference.

Paragliding is a kind of sporting events in which one has to be adepting the art of launching in the air, turning and then landing the paraglide safely on the land. The driver is offered with hand brakes through which the person can accelerate and control the speed as well as change the direction of the wind. The pilot used to sit on a harness swung beneath a fabric wing which is connected with baffled cells. Most of the people opt for paragliders but the people who consider this sport as dangerous; they are accompanied by a professional pilot. It is known as tandem paragliding.

On the other hand, parasailing is a kind of recreational sporting event which is mainly performed at beaches. The person interested in parasailing will be attached to the boat with the help of aharness. The person is also attached with a special kind of parachute, named parasail.As the vehicle starts moving, it drags the person as well as the parachute high into the air.

Features of this Amazing Sporting Event

  • Can be Accessed from Anywhere

The best thing about this sport is that it can be accessed from anywhere but the only condition is that the place should be located at a certain height. It is important to get the required start for the flight.

  • Require Minimum Training

As compared to other aerial sports, this requires very minimum training and one can easily get the license. Another best thing is that it can be enjoyed by any age group (16-80) and there is no as such stringent regulations and guidelines to experience the same.

Apart from the features mentioned above, this sporting event is affordable as compared to other aviation sports. Before engaging in this sport it is highly recommended to select the best and the well-known agency which is having the license of professional gliding in the air. This will help you to get the best feeling and you will remember the flight for long in your life.

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